Katrina Kaif recently discussed her encounters with the pressures of conforming to unrealistic beauty standards. Speaking with Hello! India, the 40-year-old actress candidly acknowledged the challenges she has faced since her debut in the film industry with “Boom” in 2003. She shared her concerns about the relentless expectations of looking a certain way, particularly when preparing for public appearances. Additionally, Katrina revealed insights into her conversations with her actor-husband Vicky Kaushal regarding these anxieties. She mentioned how Vicky often reminds her of her makeup brand’s tagline, “It’s Kay to Be You,” when she frets about her appearance before events.

Reflecting on the suffocating nature of beauty standards, Katrina expressed, “I have often experienced the pressures of a certain standard of beauty and the pressures to conform to that standard. I have found that to be often stifling and intimidating.” She elaborated on moments where she struggles with her appearance before attending events, emphasizing the importance of maintaining individuality amidst societal expectations.

Katrina, who was last seen in “Merry Christmas,” further commented on the complexities of retaining one’s sense of self amid external influences. She highlighted the significance of self-belief, clear thinking, determination, and understanding one’s own thoughts, desires, and goals. She admitted to still navigating through these challenges, emphasizing the ongoing journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

In addition to her acting career, Katrina Kaif also runs her makeup brand, emphasizing inclusivity and self-acceptance through its tagline and products.

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