District-level officials in Mysore receive praise for their successful execution of the Dasara celebration.

Mysore, Karnataka, November 5 (ANI): Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah emphasized that effective development is attainable through the dedicated efforts of officers, according to a press release.

The Chief Minister commended the collective endeavors and task allocation carried out by district-level officials, ensuring that Dasara was a triumph and garnered no complaints from the public.

A gathering was held for these officials, during which the CM congratulated all those who contributed to the successful execution of Dasara.

Dasara is a festival that thrives on public involvement, making people’s participation essential. This year’s celebration was a resounding success. The CM urged for initial discussions with the public to enhance the significance of Dasara in the coming year.

The release noted, “Development is only feasible when officials genuinely care about the people. There has been limited development in Mysore over the past five years. Consequently, the CM instructed the formulation of a comprehensive development plan for the entire Mysore district.”

Siddaramaiah expressed the desire to resurrect the grandeur of Mysore’s development. He saw the development achievements of Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar and Devaraj Urs in irrigation, agriculture, and social welfare as exemplary and worth emulating.

“All development endeavors, including welfare initiatives, should serve as models for us. The accomplishments of the past should be replicated in the district,” he remarked.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah set an objective for district officials to elevate Mysore to the top position in terms of development.

“Mysore should lead in development across all sectors, encompassing education, health, rural development, urban development, and social welfare. You can reach this goal. The CM has sought the cooperation of all in this regard,” the release concluded.

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