The Delhi Nagar Nigam (Municipal Corporation) has followed the Delhi government’s example and announced Diwali bonuses for its employees. Mayor Shaili Oberoi has declared that all municipal employees in Delhi will receive a bonus this Diwali.

Mayor Dr. Shaili Oberoi made the announcement on Tuesday, stating that this year, all Delhi Nagar Nigam employees will receive a Diwali bonus. A bonus of ₹6,900 will be given to regular employees, while daily wage earners who have worked for 240 days will receive a bonus of ₹1,184.

Earlier this week, the Delhi government had also announced Diwali bonuses for its employees. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal personally made the announcement, stating that this Diwali, the government would provide a bonus to its Group B and C employees.

The Chief Minister emphasized that all Delhi government employees are like family, and during the festive season, they had decided to provide a ₹7,000 bonus to the employees of the Delhi government.

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