In Hayatpur Bijhera, a village within the Lodha development block of Aligarh, the Principal of the Civilian School, Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Sharma, and an assistant teacher took a licensed firearm to the school premises, which agitated the parents. In response to the complaint, both the Principal and the assistant teacher have been suspended.

In Hayatpur Bijhera, located in the Lodha development block of Aligarh, Principal Dharmendra Kumar Sharma and an assistant teacher have been suspended for bringing a licensed firearm to the Civilian School. The matter was brought to light following a complaint by Education Officer BSA Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh.

On November 4, the Principal and Chairman of the School Management Committee, Durgesh, filed a complaint against Shikshamitra Kuldeep Kumar for creating a tense atmosphere within the school. The complaint mentioned that he had been involved in political discussions on campus and had disrupted the school’s decorum. It was then brought to the notice of local authorities.

Subsequently, officials conducted a local inspection of the school, and the police also arrived at the scene. Villagers and parents expressed their displeasure with the presence of firearms on the school premises and demanded action be taken.

Regarding this incident, the Principal Dharmendra Kumar Sharma stated that he had been receiving continuous threats. Since he was going to the city, he had brought the firearm for his personal safety.

On the other hand, Mukesh Kumar Singh, the District President of the Uttar Pradesh Primary Teachers’ Union, has requested that there be an impartial investigation into the matter. If there is unilateral action taken against the Principal, the Union will discuss the matter with the District Magistrate.

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