The groom’s side called off the wedding because their wedding guests did not find bone marrow pieces in the mutton. This incident occurred in Telangana, and the groom’s family is from the Jagtial district. Both families decided to conduct the wedding in different ways. Bone marrow pieces were also included in the menu.

You may have heard of weddings being canceled for cars or cash returns, but this case is unique. The groom’s side decided to break off the marriage simply because their family and wedding guests did not find bone marrow pieces in the mutton, which was decided in the wedding menu. This led to a heated dispute between both sides.

This peculiar incident took place in Telangana. The bride was from Nizamabad, while the groom was from the Jagtial district. Their engagement had taken place in November at the bride’s house. Afterward, both families decided to organize the wedding in a traditional manner. The menu for the wedding feast was also finalized. The menu included non-vegetarian items. The scheduled date arrived, and the wedding procession came. The groom’s family welcomed them, and the eating and drinking commenced. However, the entire chaos started right there when the wedding guests did not find bone marrow pieces in the mutton. The matter reached the groom and his family. The groom’s family complained to the bride’s relatives about this. A dispute ensued, and the matter reached the police station, but it was not resolved.

The groom’s side alleges that the bride’s family had agreed to include bone marrow pieces along with mutton in the menu but failed to serve it. They argued that this insulted them and the wedding guests. Meanwhile, the bride’s family argued that there was no discussion about including bone marrow pieces in the mutton during the meal, so it was not served. Although the police attempted to mediate, a heated argument continued between both sides. After this, the groom’s family decided to break off the marriage and returned home.

What is Bone Marrow?

Bone marrow is a soft, spongy piece with bones. It is also known as Nalli Nihari. It is like a soft sponge inside the bones of an animal, usually found in limited quantities in the limbs of a goat. Bone marrow can be used to make a dish known as Nalli Nihari. It is a recipe that has been passed down from the Mughal rulers. Non-vegetarian food enthusiasts often enjoy this dish.

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