“Incident in Noida: Pet Pitbull Attacks Another Dog in Front of Owner”

The growing menace of pet dogs in Noida was evident in an incident that occurred on Sunday evening in Ghijor village, Sector 53. A pet pitbull dog viciously attacked another dog right in front of its owner. The owner struggled to control the pitbull, which continued to act aggressively until it finally released the other dog. This shocking incident has gone viral on social media platforms, raising concerns about pet owners’ responsibilities and the safety of other animals and people. The incident took place on Sunday evening.

The video that went viral shows a pitbull-like dog aggressively grabbing the other dog’s neck in the presence of its owner. Despite the owner’s efforts, the pitbull refused to back down. Sector-53 RWA President Anil Kumar revealed that the attacking dog belongs to a resident of Ghijor village. The dog doesn’t have a leash or a muzzle on its face. The video clearly depicts the pitbull dog clenching its teeth on the other dog’s neck. This incident has raised concerns about the safety of people and other pets in the area, considering the dangerous nature of such an attack. People are calling for appropriate action to be taken in response to this incident. Additionally, the owner has faced backlash for letting a dangerous dog roam without a leash.

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