Computer manufacturers have been advised to incorporate a new AI button into their keyboards, replacing the existing Control button (CTRL) on the right side. In response to the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Microsoft, for the first time in nearly three decades, is making significant changes to its Windows-based keyboards. The new AI chatbot button will be present on all new personal computers running Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Recognizing the growing utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, tech giant Microsoft has introduced a provision for an AI button on keyboards. This modification is expected to be implemented by computer manufacturing companies on their keyboards. Microsoft has not made substantial changes to its Windows-based keyboards for about three decades. However, the new AI chatbot button is set to replace the Control button (CTRL) on the right side.

This is considered a major transformation in keyboard design. Termed as the “co-pilot” button, it is designed to facilitate the use of chatbot features based on the company’s AI technology. Microsoft aims to stay ahead in competition, not only with its open-source initiative, OpenAI, but also with the rising popularity of AI-driven technologies.

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