DMK spokesperson A Saravanan responded sarcastically to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s recent statements, suggesting that if she is speaking as a BJP leader, she must have gathered information from “WhatsApp University.”

A verbal spat has erupted between Central Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and the Tamil Nadu government. The Finance Minister held a press conference in Delhi on Thursday, accusing the DMK-led state government of alleged incompetence in handling the floods in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu. She claimed that the central government promptly provided assistance for relief and rescue operations. In response, the DMK-led Tamil Nadu government has countered the allegations.

The DMK spokesperson A Saravanan, in a taunting manner, remarked that if Nirmala Sitharaman is speaking as a BJP leader, she might have acquired information from “WhatsApp University.” However, if she is speaking as a minister, there is no substance to her claims.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the Finance Minister’s statement, DMK highlighted that the central government’s duty is to assist in such situations, and they are merely fulfilling their responsibilities. The Tamil Nadu Finance Minister criticized Nirmala Sitharaman, stating that her language is akin to using war rhetoric against an enemy nation.

Earlier, Sitharaman had accused the Tamil Nadu government of negligence regarding the floods and claimed that the central government had promptly dispatched helicopter and NDRF teams for rescue and relief work. Responding to these allegations, DMK stated that the state government had already received a heavy rainfall alert from the weather department on the same day the rain started. The government promptly sought help from the central government, which deployed the army and NDRF teams. Moreover, an additional team was sent on December 20 to assess the damages caused by the floods.

It’s worth noting that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin had requested the Prime Minister for a meeting to discuss the flood situation and the demand for financial assistance.

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