No Smoking Day: The Hazards of Smoking and What It Does to Your Body

Smoking is a habit for many people, but gradually, it can completely consume your body. You should be aware of this. So, let’s find out what happens in the body during smoking.

No Smoking Day: Smoking, that is, tobacco consumption, is lethal, and we all know this fact, yet we continue this habit persistently. One day, the situation reaches a point where the body becomes prey to some incurable diseases, leading to a crisis in life. Therefore, today, we won’t discuss what happens to the body after smoking, instead, we’ll talk about what happens to your body when you smoke cigarettes or indulge in any form of smoking. Let’s explore this topic.

Dr. Vinit Banga, Associate Director of Neurology at BLK Max Super Specialty Hospital, explains what your body does when you smoke:

  • Inhaling smoke introduces toxic chemicals into your lungs.
  • Nicotine enters your bloodstream, increasing adrenaline levels.
  • Carbon monoxide reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of your blood.
  • Air passages become inactive, affecting their ability to clear mucus. Throat health deteriorates.
  • Heart rate increases, putting pressure on your cardiovascular system.
  • Blood pressure temporarily rises.
  • Oxygen levels in the blood decrease.
  • Lung tissues may swell.
  • Tar accumulates in your lungs, causing damage and harm to your body.

Side effects of smoking:

  • Smoking can diminish the sense of taste and smell.
  • Teeth and nails may become discolored. Throat health can be compromised.
  • The risk of developing chronic bronchitis increases.
  • Immune system weakens, making you more susceptible to infections.
  • There’s an increased risk of developing COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).
  • Risk of stroke and heart disease escalates.
  • Oxygen utilization in the lungs decreases.
  • Due to reduced blood circulation and oxygen, skin aging may occur prematurely.
  • Increased risk of oral cancer.

Understand these aspects and stop harming your body. Realize that you should completely avoid smoking, as it can harm every part of your body.

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