No Smoking Day: Why Smokers Should Immediately Quit Smoking

If you are smoking cigarettes, you should immediately stop this habit. Furthermore, if you are indulging in any type of smoking, you should also quit this habit. The reason being, smoking has some serious side effects. Today, we will only discuss why the lips of smokers turn black. Additionally, the color of teeth also starts deteriorating. What are all these things? What are the damages caused by doing them? Let’s find out the side effects of smoking on oral health.

Why Do the Lips of Smokers Turn Black?

When you smoke cigarettes, the skin cells around your lips feel the heat from the cigarette, causing them to become active and release melanin. However, while this is a way for your skin to protect your body from heat, excess melanin turns that area black. Another reason for this is that nicotine causes blood vessels to shrink and contract, reducing blood circulation. This leads to a lack of essential oxygen and nutrients for the skin to remain healthy and supple. Reduced blood circulation and contact with tar and nicotine can also cause the color melanin in your lips and gums to turn black.

Side Effects of Smoking

This disease has caused a panic in Kerala! More than 190 cases reported in one day, what is this?

Side effects of smoking on oral health

  • The enamel of the teeth becomes weaker.
  • The tissues of the teeth deteriorate, and their color changes.
  • The taste of the mouth can become unpleasant, and the ability to taste can be affected.
  • Bleeding can occur from the gums.
  • The risk of oral cancer can increase.

No Smoking Day: What Does Your Body Do When You Smoke? Knowing this will make you quit immediately.

So, due to all these reasons, you should avoid smoking, otherwise, your lips will turn black, and the risk of many serious diseases can also increase. Therefore, take care of all these things and avoid smoking.

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