Winter Delight: Healthy Paratha Recipe

During winters, relishing various types of parathas adds a delightful touch to meals. Warm, stuffed parathas with melting butter on top are a treat for the taste buds. While some may avoid parathas for health reasons, preparing them in a healthy way can be a better alternative. Today, we share a recipe for a paratha that is not only super tasty but also healthy. From kids to adults, everyone will love its delicious flavor. Let’s dive into the recipe.

Healthy Paratha Recipe:

To make parathas healthy, focus on preparing a nutritious stuffing.

For the filling, use boiled potatoes, grated paneer, and a mix of vegetables.

Create a mixed vegetable paratha by incorporating bathua (chenopodium) and fenugreek leaves.

You can also add some cabbage, grated carrots, and a bit of radish to the mix.

Adjust salt and other spices according to your taste preferences.

Now, use multigrain flour for the dough. Mix salt and carom seeds into the flour.

Knead the dough to a soft consistency, ensuring that the parathas turn out soft and not too thick.

Take a portion of the dough, roll it into a ball, and flatten it into a disc.

Stuff the paratha with the prepared filling and roll it out using a rolling pin.

Cook the paratha on medium flame until both sides are well-cooked. You can use ghee or butter for added flavor.

If you prefer oil-free parathas or are on a diet, you can cook them without using oil or ghee.

You can either press the paratha on a griddle or cook it on a gas flame like a regular roti.

Once the paratha turns golden brown, place it on a plate, apply butter on top, and enjoy.

The taste of this paratha resembles that of tandoori parathas. Consuming this paratha ensures minimal oil intake, promoting good health while providing essential nutrients. It’s also a great option for feeding kids a variety of vegetables in an enjoyable way.

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