In the ODI World Cup 2023, Pakistan is facing even more difficulties. With Australia’s victory, Pakistan’s journey in the World Cup has come to an end. Returning from this point is quite challenging for them.

The excitement of the One Day International (ODI) World Cup has fully gripped fans and players alike. All the teams have successfully passed the halfway stage of the World Cup. Now it’s almost clear which teams are strong contenders for the semi-finals. India is the first name in this list. The Indian team has presented a strong claim by winning all five matches they have played in the World Cup. At present, the Indian team is in the first position with 10 points on the scoreboard.

Likewise, South Africa and New Zealand are also expected to make it to the semi-finals. Although it might be too early to say definitively, these three teams are currently leading the race for the semi-finals. Meanwhile, there is anticipation of a fierce competition between Australia, Pakistan, and England for the fourth spot. Amidst this, Pakistan’s team has suffered a major setback, and it appears that they are almost certain to be out of the ODI World Cup.

Pakistan’s Sudden Blow

Before the World Cup began, Pakistan was considered a strong contender for a place in the semi-finals. Pakistan had an impressive start with victories in their first two matches. However, after three consecutive losses following that, their team found itself in a difficult situation. First, they faced defeat against India, then Australia and Afghanistan. But after defeating Australia in their match against the Netherlands, Pakistan’s team is almost out of the race for the World Cup semi-finals.

What Are the Scenarios?

Essentially, if India, New Zealand, and South Africa qualify for the semi-finals with their strong performances, and if Australia wins all the remaining matches, Pakistan’s team will not be able to secure a place in the semi-finals, regardless of their own performances. Australia’s biggest challenge for the fourth spot is now England, not Pakistan. England has yet to play five matches in the World Cup, including one against Australia. If England manages to win all the remaining matches, they could also advance in the race for the semi-finals. However, for Pakistan, hope is fading from this point onwards.

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