UP Politics: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh visited Kanpur during a two-day tour. During this visit, the Defense Minister interacted with key faces and workers of the party. This trip brought back memories of the time when Rajnath Singh served as the Pradesh Adhyaksh (State President) and later as the Chief Minister for the BJP. The tour held special significance for Rajnath Singh’s son.

Jagran Correspondent, Kanpur: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s two-day tour evoked memories of his earlier days as the Pradesh Adhyaksh and later as the Chief Minister for the BJP. He didn’t limit his interactions to just MPs, party officials, and workers; he also met with all former district presidents, emphasizing that the warmth of relationships remains unchanged.

Party Leaders Believe the Journey Will Benefit His Son Party leaders believe that Rajnath Singh’s two-day journey will significantly assist his son, Pankaj Singh, who recently took charge as the Pradesh Prabhari for the Mahanagar (metropolitan) and Yuva Morcha (youth wing). In a way, this strengthened his ground.

Significant Responsibility on Pankaj Singh’s Shoulders Not long ago, Pankaj Singh was appointed as the Pradesh Prabhari for the youth wing of the BJP. On one side, he is responsible for ensuring BJP’s success in the Lok Sabha elections, and now, with the added responsibility of the national convention of the youth wing, a more substantial responsibility has been placed on his shoulders. To fulfill this, he will have to lead with the support of both senior and young leaders.

Rajnath Singh’s Arrival for His Son On the day Pankaj Singh was inspecting the grounds and conducting meetings post the National Convention, his father Rajnath Singh also arrived. The anticipation of his welcome can be gauged by the presence of all representatives, regional and district presidents at the airport. Meanwhile, at his guruji’s residence, where some controversy had erupted involving former district presidents, a crowd of workers was eagerly waiting.

Attraction Among Youth for Pankaj Singh According to former district president and ex-mayor Ravindra Patni, Pankaj Singh is charismatic, and there is an attraction among the youth towards him. Simultaneously, there is emotional attachment of the city residents with Rajnath Singh. Therefore, this emotional connection is also extended to Pankaj Singh.

Special Relationship with the People Deepu Pandey, the North District President, believes that Rajnath Singh shares a special relationship with the people here. This is why so many people turned up to meet him. Rajnath Singh has connections with senior leaders and workers, and this association will also benefit Pankaj Singh, who is currently working as the metropolitan in-charge.

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