Repair and restoration efforts commenced around the pedestrianised Chandni Chowk area a week after Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena’s inspection. Government agencies, including the Public Works Department, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, and Shahjahanabad Redevelopment Corporation, initiated the work by conducting a thorough cleaning of the entire stretch to eliminate tobacco stains.

The maintenance activities encompass horticulture restoration, including the planting of saplings around the central verges, repairing the white barricading sheets, and addressing other issues related to street furniture. Additionally, steps are being taken to remove hanging electrical wires and mend bollards along the footpath.

“The deep cleaning and sanitation work was started to ensure that tough stains are removed. The bollards and other street furniture along the footpath are also being mended,” stated a Public Works Department official.

Chandni Chowk, a bustling wholesale and retail market area in the old city, underwent a revamp in 2021, with changes in design and complete pedestrianisation along with facade improvements. However, the condition of the area has faced challenges in the past two years.

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