Based on the data available, a total of 1,044,600 electric vehicles (EVs) have been registered with Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in India as of September 20 this year. Notably, out of this impressive figure, Tamil Nadu has emerged as a frontrunner by selling 414,802 EVs that were manufactured within the state and registered across various RTOs.

Within the broader landscape of India’s EV market, where over a million EVs have been sold this year, Tamil Nadu has played a pivotal role in the industry’s growth. The primary categories of vehicles produced include two-wheelers and cars, and these are being manufactured by ten different companies based in the state. Among them, companies like Ola Electric and TVS Motor have made substantial contributions, with Ola Electric selling 175,608 units and TVS Motor selling 112,949 units. These impressive numbers are a testament to the state’s burgeoning EV manufacturing sector, particularly in the Krishnagiri district.

The statistics indicate that Tamil Nadu has not only registered a significant number of EVs but has also emerged as a major manufacturing hub for these vehicles. This achievement underscores the state’s diverse and vibrant industrial presence and the government’s commitment to fostering growth in the sector. Tamil Nadu is already recognized as one of the top ten global automobile hubs and is now setting its sights on becoming the world’s EV capital. The government has been diligently working on strengthening the EV ecosystem, including the production of batteries and the development of charging infrastructure.

Earlier this year, Tamil Nadu launched an EV policy with the goal of transforming five cities—Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai, and Salem—into EV hubs. Under this policy, startups and businesses looking to expand in the EV sector can take advantage of various incentives, such as SGST reimbursement, turnover-based subsidies, capital support, and advanced chemistry cell subsidies.

The state has ambitious plans for the EV sector, aiming to attract investments exceeding ₹50,000 crore by 2025. Furthermore, by 2030, Tamil Nadu envisions manufacturing 30% of all electric vehicles sold in India and making a substantial contribution to global EV exports. These efforts underscore the state’s commitment to becoming a major player in the electric vehicle industry.

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