LG recently introduced its latest true wireless earbuds, known as Tone Fit TF7. These earbuds provide an excellent fit but come with a relatively high price tag. The question is, are they a worthwhile investment?

While LG may no longer be in the smartphone business, it has maintained its expertise in other areas, particularly audio. This expertise is a result of LG’s longstanding collaboration with audio industry veterans, Meridian. LG has a track record of producing high-quality audio products, including earbuds. So, when the new active noise-cancelling wireless earbuds, the LG Tone Fit TF7, were unveiled, there was anticipation about what sets them apart. LG claims that these earbuds offer the best fit in the market, and in this review, we will explore that claim. However, let’s first address the pricing aspect.

The LG Tone Fit TF7 earbuds belong to the premium category in terms of pricing. Initially launched at Rs 12,500, they are currently listed at Rs 12,989 on the company’s online store. With a price around Rs 13,000, these earbuds face competition from established players like Apple, Sony, Samsung, Bose, and JBL. LG appears to be positioning these earbuds as the perfect fit, which may matter more than audio quality. The question remains, are the new Tone Fit TF7 earbuds a good investment? Read on for the answer.

Design of LG Tone Fit TF7: The LG Tone Fit TF7 earbuds are designed with a specific purpose in mind. LG targets individuals who lead an active lifestyle, such as athletes, gym-goers, and sports enthusiasts. In this regard, LG’s claim is accurate.

For active users, the fit of earbuds is often more critical than audio quality. They require earbuds that can stay securely in place during rigorous physical activities. LG’s Tone Fit TF7 excels in this aspect. These earbuds feature a distinctive, though not entirely unique, design that involves swiveling the earbuds after inserting them into your ears. It’s akin to locking the earbuds snugly into your ear canals. The silicone hooks on each earbud ensure a secure fit, preventing any slippage. These hooks also incorporate openings to allow air circulation, which is a thoughtful detail to prevent ear congestion.

Even for a non-athlete like myself who engages in workouts, these earbuds have never come close to dislodging during exercise sessions. There’s no need to constantly adjust or reposition the earbuds, even when subjected to gym-mandated music. The earbuds’ fit surpasses what is typically found in this price range. They can be worn for extended periods without discomfort, and users can select the ear tip size that suits them. However, I should mention a minor concern. After prolonged use, I experienced a slight sense of dizziness, likely due to the snugness of the silicone ear tips. If you plan on using them for an extended duration, I’d recommend taking short breaks.

The earbuds feature a relatively large touch-sensitive surface for controlling playback and managing calls. While it was easy to pause music or answer calls, a touch more responsiveness would have been ideal. The extent of interaction with the earbuds largely depends on personal preference. I preferred controlling music playback directly from my phone, so this wasn’t a significant issue for me. These earbuds can detect when you put them on or take them off, which results in automatic music playback pause or resume. However, this feature may occasionally exhibit less responsiveness.

The LG Tone Fit TF7 earbuds are also equipped with an IP67 rating, offering protection against water and dust ingress. I encountered no problems wearing them while running or working out, as their secure fit prevented any loosening, even during sweaty workouts.

Audio Quality of LG Tone Fit TF7: While LG may not heavily emphasize the audio quality of the Tone Fit TF7, these earbuds deliver good sound. By default, they have a bass-heavy profile, but LG’s Tone Free app offers various sound presets, allowing users to customize the audio to their preferences. Upbeat Bollywood dance tracks sound vibrant and energetic, inciting the desire to dance along. On the other hand, for moments of relaxation, subtle and impactful music is preferable, particularly in soulful genres. However, with such music, the earbuds underperform.

For instance, in the song “Shikayat” from “Gangubai Kathiawadi,” vocals are robust, but classical elements are overshadowed by occasional bass thumps. Retro music, lacking the enhancements of modern technology, sounds lacking in richness. Songs such as “Dil Cheez Kya Hai” or “Mohabbat Hai Kya Cheez” exhibit very low volume and an almost imperceptible sound stage, even at full volume. Changing the sound preset does make some difference, but there’s a sense of wanting more. Nevertheless, for most users, these songs should sound satisfactory.

For those seeking a spatial audio experience, the app provides an ‘Immersive’ mode under Equaliser Settings. It simulates a 3D effect in the music, although I found the experience less appealing. There are other options like ‘Natural,’ ‘Bass Boost,’ ‘Treble Boost,’ and a ‘3D Sound Stage’ mode. While these options may not cater to every taste, they are available for users interested in experimenting with their listening experience.

Noise Cancellation of LG Tone Fit TF7: The noise cancellation on the LG Tone Fit TF7 is decent, though not exceptional. It should suffice for most users but has limitations. During my gym sessions, I was able to concentrate on podcasts and my preferred music without external gym music causing disruption. However, sharp musical beats managed to penetrate the earbuds. Essentially, noise cancellation effectively filters midrange noises and even typical traffic sounds. However, high-pitched noises can seep through due to average noise isolation.

There is a transparency feature that allows you to briefly hear your surroundings and communicate with people without removing the earbuds. Yet, the voice coming through the earbuds may sound somewhat artificial, which detracts from the overall experience. At times, I preferred taking the earbuds out rather than using the transparency mode. Taking calls on the earbuds was generally acceptable. The microphones prioritize your voice over ambient noise, ensuring a clear call quality. However, using the earbuds on a windy day is not advisable, as they struggle to reduce wind noise, resulting in a subpar calling experience. In summary, the ANC on these earbuds is decent, and most users should find it satisfactory.

Battery Life of LG Tone Fit TF7: The LG Tone Fit TF7 offered approximately five hours of playback on a single charge, with the audio primarily set at 60-70 percent and ANC enabled. If you desire longer runtime, you can consider disabling ANC. The charging case features a USB-C port and an LED indicator that displays battery levels. A green light indicates a charge of 80 percent or more, yellow signifies a charge level between 20 percent and 80 percent, and red indicates a charge below 20 percent. Notably, these earbuds lack wireless charging, which may disappoint some users given their price point.

Verdict on LG Tone Fit TF7: The LG Tone Fit TF7 is tailored for a specific audience, particularly

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