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Saba Azad, an actress and Hrithik Roshan’s girlfriend, recently made an appearance on the stage at the Lakme Fashion Week while models graced the runway. Numerous videos capturing Saba’s dance performance in a shimmering outfit circulated online.

In response to comments on her Instagram, where users questioned her sanity and suggested she needed therapy, Saba Azad took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday night. She shared these comments, which were made on her recent dance videos. Saba’s performance took place on the stage of Geisha Designs’ Lakme Fashion Week as models strutted their stuff.

Saba’s Response to an Instagram User Recommending Therapy: In reaction to one of her dance videos, a person commented, “You need therapy (with a laughing face emoji).” Saba responded by saying, “Why yes, sir/madam spud!! I tend to agree, and I get it on the regular, as should everyone else for existing in a world as consumed by hate as ours. You should try it!! It helps you fill your own tanks and thus not get so deeply offended by the peaceful existence of others (accompanied by a smiling face emoticon).”

Saba’s Response to an Individual Asking if She’s Mad: Another individual remarked, “Are you mad (accompanied by a face vomiting emoji)?” To this, Saba replied, “Yes Jaffar!! I really must be, to keep waking up every day in the face of the constant hate being sent my way and thinking maybe today will be a better day and smiling and carrying on – I must be mad because maybe the world is actually just filled with people such as yourself, who sit behind the safety of their screens, adding nothing but hate into the world. That’s your legacy, that’s what you’re gonna leave behind (accompanied by a smiling face emoticon). Chew on that, buddy!!”

Saba’s Recent Dance Performance: Several videos of Saba dancing in a sparkling outfit surfaced online on Thursday. One Reddit user shared a video with the caption, “What is happening? In video: Saba Azad.”

In response, a Reddit user wrote, “Those models walking calmly, and then there’s her jumping. It’s funny, but I guess she’s performing; she has a mic in her hand.” Another individual inquired, “Is she dancing? Is she jumping?” A comment mentioned, “If Hrithik Roshan were my boyfriend, I would also be dancing like this.”

Saba’s Latest Project: Saba was most recently featured in the web series “Who’s Your Gynac,” where she has been receiving praise for her portrayal of Dr. Vidhushi Kothari, a novice obstetrician and gynecologist who manages the delicate balance between her professional and personal life.

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