Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Civil Aviation Minister and BJP leader, has highlighted the transformative impact of the BJP’s 18-year developmental efforts in Madhya Pradesh, steering the state toward significant progress in social welfare indicators. Speaking amidst a rigorous campaign, Scindia, who has addressed over 100 rallies in 60 assembly seats, discusses various issues, including his departure from the Congress in 2020, the BJP’s strategy in the upcoming assembly polls, and the party’s focus on Prime Minister Narendra Modi instead of declaring a chief ministerial candidate.

Scindia emphasizes the BJP’s commitment to development, citing substantial improvements in infrastructure, roads, irrigation projects, and airports since the change in leadership in 2020. He contrasts the 15-month Congress government’s alleged nepotism and corruption with the BJP’s efforts to elevate Madhya Pradesh from a “Bimaru” state to one achieving commendable social welfare indicators.

Addressing concerns of anti-incumbency, Scindia challenges the notion, asserting that the BJP has instilled a sense of pro-incumbency among the people. He cites significant advancements in roads, power generation, irrigation, and healthcare as evidence of the positive impact of BJP governance.

Scindia dismisses accusations from the Congress regarding his departure, attributing it to the Congress’s own shortcomings in delivering on promises. He defends his decision in favor of the people of Madhya Pradesh, pointing to successful initiatives like Ladli Behna and PM Awas Yojana.

Regarding the absence of a chief ministerial candidate declaration, Scindia notes the uniqueness of each state’s political dynamics and asserts that the BJP is united in Madhya Pradesh. He credits Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for the state’s transformation.

Explaining the strategic deployment of seven MPs and three Union ministers in the elections, Scindia clarifies that it aims to secure strong seats and challenge Congress in areas they consider their stronghold.

On the issue of freebies and promises, Scindia criticizes the Congress’s track record, arguing that their past pledges lacked implementation and accountability. He defends BJP’s promises, citing the Ladli Behna Yojna as an example of empowering women for sustainable economic development. Scindia expresses confidence in BJP securing a full majority in the upcoming elections.

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