Immunity-Boosting Herbal Tea: Consuming warm cardio tea generates heat in the body. Instead of drinking milk tea in the cold, opt for herbal tea. It strengthens immunity and keeps the body away from illnesses. Discover what ingredients you can use to make herbal tea at home.

Cold weather brings about colds and coughs, causing the most distress to people. Those with weakened immunity are the first to fall ill. There is a risk of viral fever and infections. Children and the elderly are most affected. In the cold, some people drink tea multiple times a day to relieve colds and coughs. While tea provides comfort, switching to herbal tea instead of regular tea can offer additional benefits. Drinking herbal tea enhances the immune system. Therefore, opt for herbal tea instead of regular tea. You can make herbal tea at home using various spices. Find out which herbal teas are beneficial.

Immunity-Boosting Herbal Teas:

Cinnamon Tea – To improve health, start incorporating cinnamon into your daily diet. Cinnamon boosts immunity, and if you drink cinnamon tea, it improves digestion. Drinking this tea helps in weight management. Cinnamon is beneficial for blood pressure and heart patients. It reduces the risk of these diseases. Drinking cinnamon tea makes metabolism strong.

Nutmeg Tea – For alleviating cold, cough, and flu, grandmothers often use nutmeg. Drinking nutmeg tea provides relief from a cold. A pinch of nutmeg can bring improvement to your health. To make nutmeg tea, add a pinch of nutmeg powder to boiling water. After boiling for a while, strain and drink. Nutmeg tea strengthens immunity.

Tulsi Tea – If you want to strengthen your immunity, start drinking Tulsi tea daily. It will not trouble you with colds and coughs. Tea made from Tulsi leaves is also delicious to drink. You can also add Tulsi to milk tea. Drinking Tulsi tea provides energy to the body and makes metabolism strong. Only by adding Tulsi to water and drinking it, you can reduce weight and detoxify the body. To get relief from cough and cold, Tulsi consumption is also recommended.

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