U.S. President Biden has expressed the goal of maintaining a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas to allow us to witness more prisoners being released and extend greater humanitarian relief to those in need.

Due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Gaza Strip has been almost entirely devastated. After mediation by several countries, Israel and Hamas have declared a temporary ceasefire, bringing some peace to the region. During this time, President Biden has suggested a unique approach to permanently halt the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Let’s explore Biden’s advice.

Continued Release of Prisoners: Israel accuses Hamas of holding more than 200 of its citizens as prisoners. In this context, a temporary ceasefire has been announced between the two countries, facilitating the release of prisoners. For every Israeli released, three Palestinian citizens are being set free by Hamas. As the release of prisoners continues, the duration of the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine will be extended.

Biden’s Path to Peace: Violence has persisted between Israel and Palestine for several decades. In light of this, U.S. President Joe Biden has proposed a solution to permanently end this conflict. Biden emphasizes that adopting the principle of a ‘two-state’ solution is the only way to guarantee long-term security for both Israelis and Palestinians. He states that if Israelis and Palestinians can coexist with freedom and respect, the United States will relentlessly work towards achieving this goal.

Bring Back Every Detainee – Biden: Biden has revealed that, according to information received, Hamas has released 13 American detainees along with others on Sunday night. He mentioned that the release of prisoners has been part of an agreement facilitated through American diplomacy. Biden asserts that the United States will not cease its efforts until every detainee is safely returned.

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