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Snowfall Destinations: If you’re searching for places to visit during the winter and are passionate about witnessing snowfall, why not plan a trip to a destination known for its enchanting snowy landscapes? These places are exceptionally beautiful during the winter season, offering not only a delightful travel experience but also great opportunities for photography.

Best Places for Winter Travel in India

Snowfall is famous in these Indian destinations:

  1. Tawang:
    • For residents of Delhi, Chandigarh, Haryana, and Rajasthan seeking nearby destinations for winter escapades, Shimla and Manali are popular choices. However, if you reside in cities other than these, consider planning a trip to Tawang. November to February is an ideal time to visit Tawang, experiencing heavy snowfall during these months. The region offers a unique and breathtaking snowy panorama, coupled with various adventure activities.
  2. Auli:
    • If you’re planning a family trip during winters, Auli in Uttarakhand is an excellent destination. Here, you and your family can enjoy the snowfall and engage in skiing activities. Auli is known for its mesmerizing views and skiing options, making it a perfect destination for winter vacations. The months from November to February are ideal for a visit.
  3. Gulmarg:
    • When it comes to Kashmir, residents often hear that the region showcases a different charm in each season. For those residing in Kashmir, Gulmarg is the go-to place. If you have a desire to witness snowfall, Gulmarg is the destination. The breathtaking views of snow-covered mountains and the winter charm make December to January the best time to plan a visit.

These destinations provide an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of snowfall and engage in various winter activities, creating lasting memories with friends and family. Plan your winter escape now and explore these enchanting snowy paradises.

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