Suniel Shetty and Sanjay Dutt recently teamed up for a thrilling episode of “Star Vs Food Survival” alongside renowned chef Ranveer Brar. Amidst the captivating backdrop of Coorg’s natural beauty, the duo faced the challenges of cooking a meal in the wild.

Although Suniel Shetty and Sanjay Dutt last shared the screen in the 2010 comedy film ‘No Problem,’ their enduring friendship led them to this unique culinary adventure. In an interview with, Shetty discussed what prompted him to take on this challenge. He expressed his excitement about two Leos venturing into the jungle and embracing both the culinary and physical challenges. He highlighted the authenticity of the challenges, testing their physical endurance and the strength of their bond. Shetty remarked on their remarkable rapport, emphasizing Sanjay Dutt’s exceptional wit and humor, which added to their camaraderie. He humorously mentioned that chef Ranveer Brar was spared from their antics since he was the sole provider of sustenance in their jungle expedition.

Despite Suniel Shetty’s reputation for maintaining his fitness, the show offered a stark reality check. He acknowledged that it revealed his physical fitness level and the ability to survive in the jungle, all while identifying local ingredients for cooking. Shetty recounted the challenges they faced, including encounters with leeches, snakes, persistent insect bites, and the absence of mobile phones. He emphasized the newfound appreciation for mental health and the importance of such experiences, despite his regular mountain biking and off-roading pursuits. This jungle adventure was notably different, presenting physical and mental challenges for both the participants and the crew.

“Star Vs Food Survival” is set to premiere on October 9, 2023, on discovery+ and Discovery Channel, promising an exciting and unforgettable culinary journey.

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