Tejas, Kangana Ranaut’s eagerly anticipated aerial action film depicting her as an Indian Air Force pilot, had a slow start at the box office on its opening day.

Tejas box office collection on the first day amounted to approximately ₹1.25 crore, according to initial estimates from Sacnilk.com. The film also had a modest 6.83 percent occupancy rate on its Friday debut.

Tejas Plot and Cast: The film revolves around the remarkable journey of Tejas Gill, an Air Force pilot, with the aim of inspiring and instilling a profound sense of pride in every Indian. It showcases the dedication of Indian Air Force pilots as they work relentlessly to safeguard the nation, facing numerous challenges along the way. The story follows Tejas on a mission to rescue hostages from terrorists.

Written and directed by Sarvesh Mewara and produced by Ronnie Screwvala, the film features a cast that includes Anshul Chauhan, Varun Mitra, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vishak Nair, Kashyap Shangari, Sunit Tandon, Rio Kapadia, Mohan Agashe, and Mushtaq Kak. Tejas also boasts several notable songs, such as “Dil Hai Ranjhana” and “Jaan Da.”

The film’s catchphrase, “Chhedoge to chhodenge nahi” (if you mess with us, we won’t spare you), became a focal point during the film’s promotional campaign. An internet user once shared a clip of Prime Minister Narendra Modi using a similar line in one of his speeches and suggested that Tejas’s director should credit the PM for it. In response, Kangana acknowledged the PM’s contribution, stating, “Ha ha, credit to definitely banta hai (he does deserve the credit).”

Tejas Review: Tejas has garnered mixed to positive reviews from critics. A portion of the Hindustan Times review mentioned, “Tejas is a film that excels in action but stumbles when attempting to navigate complex geopolitics. Kangana Ranaut, in the title role, portrays a lady airforce pilot with sincerity, occasionally having to prove her worth in the Air Force and society as a free-thinking, independent, and courageous woman. She is complemented perfectly, both literally and metaphorically, by Anshul Chauhan, who complements Tejas’ bravery and impulsiveness with cunning, patience, and a touch of cinematic drama.”

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