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The opposition is launching a scathing attack on the government following the security lapse incident in Parliament. Questions have been raised by the Congress and Shiv Sena, part of the Uddhav coalition, against the Center. Adhir Ranjan Choudhary, a Congress leader, stated that it reflects the frustration of the unemployed.

New Delhi: Adhir Ranjan Choudhary, a Congress MP, launched a strong attack on the central government regarding the security lapse incident in Parliament. Choudhary stated that such a significant incident has occurred, and there has been no statement so far from Prime Minister Modi or Home Minister Amit Shah. There needs to be a thorough discussion on this incident. The Congress MP said that they raise the issue of unemployment every day. Today, the reason behind this attack is the frustration of the unemployed. Steps and approaches can be different. Sometimes, we don’t support someone, but those who are saying that they are unemployed need to be heard. It is becoming difficult to make ends meet.

Government Should Introspect “The Prime Minister was telling us not to bring outside anger into the house. But an attempt is being made to bring the anger of the common people inside the Parliament. We need to think about the internal matter. We need to look into our own actions. Why is this happening?” Adhir Ranjan Choudhary said that the government should pay attention to the security of Parliament. He said that the Prime Minister should have expressed sorrow over this incident. He should have given a statement on what steps are necessary in this regard.

Exposed Claims of the Government: Raut Sanjay Raut, a Shiv Sena (NCP) MP, commented on the security lapse incident in Parliament, saying that the government is keeping quiet. He mentioned that a similar, severe incident happened 22 years ago, and we were assured that this new Parliament is fully proofed with security. Yesterday, we saw what happened. Two to four boys entered inside. Shouting slogans about inflation and unemployment, they went inside. This is not right. The direction of the country’s youth is changing; they are disillusioned. The government is responsible for this, but the government is busy with the swearing-in ceremony in all states. There has been a security breach in the country, and no one will tolerate it.

Increased Security in Parliament It should be noted that after the security lapse incident on December 13, security has been increased in Parliament. Only MPs are allowed entry from the Makar entrance, and everyone entering the building is undergoing thorough security checks, including removing their shoes.

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