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  1. In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Palestine, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres issued two appeals on Monday. He called on Hamas to release hostages taken from Israel on October 7 without any conditions, and he urged Israelis to ensure swift and unimpeded access for humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. Guterres highlighted that the UN has essential supplies, including food, water, medical resources, and fuel stored in Egypt, Jordan, the West Bank, and Israel, which can be promptly delivered to the area. He emphasized the importance of addressing these objectives independently and without negotiation, as they represent the right course of action.
  2. Amid a significant political controversy surrounding the absence of a guard of honor for an Agniveer recruit who passed away while on duty, the Indian Army clarified on Sunday that Amritpal Singh’s death was the result of suicide. The Army further stated that military honors are not extended in cases of self-inflicted injuries. They emphasized that there is no differentiation in treatment among soldiers, whether they joined the military before or after the implementation of the government’s Agnipath scheme, which recruits non-commissioned officers into the three branches of the armed forces.

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