Here’s the India TV Sports Summary for October 3: From the latest Asian Games updates to cricketing news, here are the top 10 trending sports stories and highlights from the sports world on this day.

  1. Indian Cricket Team Advances to Semifinals: India’s men’s cricket team secured a spot in the semifinals of the ongoing Asian Games by defeating Nepal by 23 runs in the quarterfinals.
  2. Dominant Victory for Men’s Kabaddi Team: The Indian men’s kabaddi team had a remarkable start at the Asian Games, overpowering Bangladesh with an impressive score of 55-18.
  3. Indian Women’s Hockey Team Shines: The Indian women’s hockey team showcased their skills with a commanding 13-0 victory over Hong Kong, earning a spot in the semifinals.
  4. Bronze Medal in Canoe Sprint: Indian athletes Arjun Singh and Sunil Singh achieved a bronze medal in the canoe sprint 1000m final at the Asian Games.
  5. Day 10 Highlights from Asian Games: Get the latest updates and highlights from the 10th day of the ongoing Asian Games, featuring India’s achievements and more.
  6. Cricketing Triumph at Asian Games: Detailed coverage of India’s successful journey to the cricket semifinals at the Asian Games.
  7. Kabaddi Domination: Learn more about the Indian men’s kabaddi team’s dominating performance against Bangladesh in their Asian Games match.
  8. Hockey Excellence: Explore the exceptional performance of the Indian women’s hockey team as they secure a spot in the Asian Games semifinals.
  9. Canoe Sprint Victory: Read about the impressive bronze medal win by Indian athletes Arjun Singh and Sunil Singh in the canoe sprint event.
  10. Stay Updated with Daily Sports Roundup: Keep yourself informed with daily sports highlights, including the latest from the Asian Games and other sporting events.

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