In connection with the allegations of aiding the individuals who breached security by jumping into the Parliament, the police have taken two more individuals into custody. Special cell teams are currently interrogating these two individuals.

Parliament Security Breach Case: The Delhi Police has detained two more individuals in the incident of security breach at Parliament. There is suspicion that these two might have been in contact with the accused. Special cell teams are conducting interrogations with these two individuals. Allegations of providing logistical support to the accused are also being explored. The Counter Intelligence Unit of the Special Cell is conducting inquiries with these two individuals who have been taken into custody. The names of the detained individuals are Mahesh and Kailash. Mahesh hails from Rajasthan and is associated with the Bhagat Singh organization. He, too, intended to create a commotion in Parliament but was stopped by relatives for some reason.

Four Accused Already Arrested In the sequence of the security breach incident, the police had already arrested four accused. The identified accused are Sagar Sharma, Manoranjan D., Amol Shinde, and Neelam. All these accused are currently under police remand for seven days.

Two Youths Jumped into the Parliament Gallery It is worth mentioning that on Wednesday, two youths named Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D. jumped into the Lok Sabha chamber from the visitor’s gallery during zero hour and created a ruckus while chanting slogans. However, they were apprehended by the MPs. Around the same time, outside the Parliament building, Amol Shinde and Neelam were spreading smoke with ‘canes’ while shouting slogans against dictatorship. This incident took place on the anniversary of the Parliament attack on December 13, 2001. It was reported on Thursday that the Lok Sabha Secretariat has suspended eight security personnel in connection with the security breach in Parliament.

Increased Security in Parliament After the Incident A day after the security breach incident, heightened security measures were implemented inside and around the Parliament building on Thursday. Strict steps were taken by the police and parliamentary security officials, and thorough checks of individuals entering the premises were conducted. Security personnel stationed just a few meters from the transportation building outside the Parliament barricaded the area and did not allow anyone to go beyond the barricades until their identity cards were thoroughly examined.

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