Renowned TV and film actor Akhilendra Mishra visited the Mahakal Temple on Wednesday evening. He performed the worship and archana of Baba Mahakal at the Silver Gateway and recited the Shiv Tandav Stotra to Baba Mahakal while sitting in the Nandi Hall.

Akhilendra Mishra, known for his role as Cruel Singh in the serial Chandrakanta, reached Ujjain to seek blessings from Baba Mahakal. After the darshan, he expressed his awe and stated that he felt deeply moved by the presence of Baba. He also participated in the evening aarti in the Nandi Hall. Mishra has been consistently visiting Baba Mahakal for darshan before the start of the new year.

The actor had come to Indore to attend a college program and later traveled to Ujjain on Wednesday evening to witness Baba Mahakal. He had darshan through the sanctum sanctorum and then sat in the Nandi Hall to perform the worship and recite the Shiv Stotra to Baba Mahakal. During a media interaction, he mentioned that it had been a long time since he visited Ujjain and expressed his reverence for Baba Mahakal. After the darshan, he also visited the Mahakal Lok.

Akhilendra Mishra gained fame for portraying the character of Cruel Singh in the 1990 Doordarshan series Chandrakanta. He has played diverse roles in movies like Sarfarosh and Lagaan, where he portrayed the character of Mirchi Seth and Arjan, respectively. In the television adaptation of the Hindu epic Ramayana in 2008, he won hearts with his portrayal of the demon king Ravana. Mishra is known to be a devoted follower of Baba Mahakal and makes it a point to visit whenever he is in the region.

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