Amid the rising tensions between Israel and Palestine, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted that Hamas militants had committed horrific acts in the region, including acts of violence such as slaying, sexual assault, and decapitation. He also pledged to eradicate Hamas, emphasizing that “Every Hamas member faces dire consequences.”

Netanyahu made these statements during a late-night televised address, coinciding with Israeli airstrikes on Gaza in response to an unprecedented attack. However, it’s important to note that these allegations could not be independently verified, as reported by AP.

Subsequently, U.S. President Joe Biden, during a White House event, mentioned that he had seen verified images of terrorists beheading children. He remarked, “I’ve been in this line of work for a long time. I never imagined I would encounter confirmed images of terrorists beheading children.” Biden expressed his shock at the disturbing imagery emerging from the Israel-Gaza conflict, labeling the Hamas assault as “the most tragic day for Jews since the Holocaust” and a campaign marked by “sheer brutality.”

A spokesperson from the White House later clarified that U.S. officials and the President himself had not personally viewed such images or independently confirmed the reports. The President’s comments were based on statements from Netanyahu’s spokesperson and Israeli media reports, according to the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has expedited the delivery of ammunition and military equipment to Israel and dispatched a carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean as a deterrent.

The series of attacks initiated by Hamas militants in Gaza since Saturday and subsequent Israeli countermeasures have resulted in a total of approximately 2,150 casualties. According to Israeli authorities, more than 1,200 individuals, including 155 soldiers, have lost their lives in Israel, while the Palestinian side reports a death toll of 950 in Gaza.

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