Several weeks after Shoojit Sircar expressed his belief that he deserved the Best Actor award at the National Film Awards, Vicky Kaushal has shared his perspective, emphasizing that all awards are like unexpected bonuses to him.

In a recent interview with India Today, Vicky Kaushal revealed that he harbored no disappointment about not receiving the Best Actor award at the National Film Awards for his role in “Sardar Udham.” He emphasized that the most significant achievement for him was bringing the film’s story to a global audience, and any accolades that came his way were additional rewards.

Vicky expressed his delight in the fact that “Sardar Udham” received multiple National Film Awards. He also celebrated the recognition of the Hindi film industry and diverse genres by both audiences and the box office. When asked if he felt let down about not winning the National Award personally, Vicky responded, “No! The thing is that many times, when you get a film and have the opportunity to work with a director you admire, you believe your dream has come true, which is genuinely the case with ‘Sardar Udham.’ I’m not saying it just for the sake of it. As a Punjabi, that topic, that man, that story holds immense significance in my heart.”

Vicky shared that he had known about Udham Singh’s story since childhood and had always wondered why it wasn’t more widely known. “We grew up hearing this story and often wondered why it wasn’t more widely recognized. So, for me, getting the opportunity was a significant milestone, and what followed, whether I received awards or not, everything was a bonus. For me, the primary focus was on the story reaching a global audience, resonating with them, and garnering appreciation. After that, any awards the film received were unexpected bonuses. I have no grievances,” he affirmed.

Reflecting on his experience working on the film, Vicky Kaushal likened it to returning to school, thanks to director Shoojit Sircar’s approach. He recalled Shoojit’s request to understand the mindset of the character rather than just his actions, emphasizing the importance of portraying a human perspective. Vicky noted that the film aimed to humanize the character and make his journey relatable. He also acknowledged that shooting the Jallianwala Bagh sequence was physically demanding and emotionally intense.

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