The concept of a “perfect age for watching Harry Potter” is a notion that doesn’t hold true. Likewise, there isn’t a perfect point in time to cease desiring a visit to Hogwarts. After all, who would pass up such an opportunity? Harry Potter and Hogwarts have ignited the dreams of numerous non-magical individuals, and even though it remains a fantasy, deep down, the anticipation of receiving a Hogwarts letter persists.

Beyond the allure of delectable food and butterbeer, Hogwarts offers enchanting elements like flying brooms, solutions through potions, and the enigmatic presence of Hagrid. Recently, Redditors initiated a discussion about the initial activities they would embark upon upon setting foot in Hogwarts.

  1. “I’d head straight to the library, as I’m an avid reader.”

– Zoneal101

  1. “My first stop would be the Hufflepuff common room. I’ve yearned to spend time there since its depiction in Hogwarts Legacy.”
  2. “My initial priorities would include visiting the kitchens, savoring the renowned Hogwarts cuisine, proceeding to my dormitory, and then exploring the prefects’ bathroom and the room of requirement.”
  3. “If this was during Harry’s time, I’d strive to befriend him. This would significantly boost my odds of surviving Voldemort’s assault.”
  4. “Without delay, I’d ascend the Astronomy tower, relishing the breathtaking view of the grounds.”
  5. “I’d definitely administer a punch to Umbridge.”
  6. “My immediate course of action would involve venturing into the forbidden forest to befriend its magical inhabitants. Ultimately, my goal is to ride a unicorn.”
  7. “I’d likely head to the dungeons to experience the potion classroom. Given my affinity for alchemy, I’d relish brewing potions, including crafting Felix Felicis for a touch of luck.”
  8. “I’d make a beeline for the Three Broomsticks to savor an authentic butterbeer. I’ve concocted my versions, but the genuine article is a must.”
  9. “My first task would be visiting Ollivander’s Wand Shop to acquire my perfectly matched wand.”
  10. “Embracing Hagrid in a warm hug would be a priority.”
  11. “By that point, I’d probably have consumed an abundance of chocolate frogs.”
  12. “Locating the broomstick storage and commencing training for the quidditch team would be my plan. I’d strive to make the house team, be it as a Seeker or Beater.”
  13. “I’d head to the expansive chess chamber and indulge in a game of chess.”
  14. “The time turner would definitely see some use.”

In essence, the allure of the magical world of Harry Potter continues to captivate minds, regardless of age or circumstance.

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