“Chhatriwali,” an upcoming film, centers around sex education and the importance of open discussions about safe sex and broader sexuality. While these themes are gradually finding their place in films and series, discovering content suitable for the whole family remains refreshing, as evident from the film’s trailer.

Set to premiere on January 20, this comedic drama is directed by Tejas Deoskar and produced by Zee5. The cast includes Rakul Preet Singh, Sumeet Vyas, Satish Kaushik, Dolly Ahluwalia, and Rajesh Tailang in significant roles. Notably, the narrative, which extensively addresses women’s sexual health, is led by a female protagonist.

“Chhatriwali” serves as a family-oriented drama that aims to both entertain and educate. Rakul Preet Singh, discussing the role of messaging in films from an actor’s viewpoint, highlights the significance of imparting knowledge through entertainment. However, she also seeks to maintain diversity in her filmography.

“As an actor, my aspiration is to engage in a variety of films—ranging from those with meaningful messages and beyond. Yet, scripts that incorporate substantial messaging and sensitive writing are rare, and I believe ‘Chhatriwali’ falls into this category.”

Regarding the challenge of balancing entertainment in a film centered around a sensitive subject, Rakul Preet Singh credits the story and its creators. They prioritize entertainment as the foundation, and the unfolding events naturally prompt viewers to contemplate deeper truths.

“The credit should be directed toward the writers and director for crafting an entertaining script. My role was to believe in the subject and embody the character.”

“Chhatriwali” seeks to educate people of all ages about safe sex and sexual health. Rakul Preet Singh also expresses concern about films and conversations that trivialize sexual health matters. She emphasizes that while maintaining entertainment, it’s important not to treat a sensitive topic as a mere joke, preserving its significance.

“My personal concern is avoiding trivialization. We present facts and science, so we shouldn’t turn it into a joke when handling such a sensitive subject. Maintain the entertainment value, but avoid making it tasteless, as that diminishes the subject’s importance.”

From the trailer, it’s evident that Rakul Preet Singh’s character is a powerful force for change. Describing her role, the actress explains that Sanya, her character in “Chhatriwali,” combines resolve and empathy with a necessary stubbornness to drive change. The portrayal of a woman leading a discussion largely centered around women is undeniably empowering.

“I see her as a determined individual. Sanya, a woman from a small town, recognizes the importance of addressing sex education due to specific circumstances and takes it on as a challenge.”

Regarding the urgency of discussing sexual health, Rakul Preet Singh hopes more individuals accept the normalcy of such conversations. She aims to reshape mindsets and promote constructive dialogues on the topic.

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