There is speculation that users might soon gain the ability to set a specific time duration for their text statuses on WhatsApp. However, it has not been officially confirmed whether this feature will also be extended to photos or videos.

WhatsApp, a widely used instant messaging platform owned by Meta, boasting over 2 billion global users, is preparing to roll out a significant update to its status feature. Presently, users can post a status that remains visible for 24 hours, but recent reports suggest that this duration may be extended.

As per information from WABetaInfo, a reputable source for WhatsApp updates, the company is actively developing a feature that would enable users to prolong the lifespan of their status for up to two weeks. This upcoming change will provide users with the option to select the specific duration for which their status will be viewable.

Among the notable changes observed in the beta version of WhatsApp is the modification to the text status feature, which is commonly used in user profiles.

In the forthcoming update, WhatsApp is expected to offer users four different duration choices for their status updates: 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, and 2 weeks. This enhancement will grant users greater flexibility in determining how long their status remains accessible for others to see.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is currently undergoing a revamp of its chat interface within the Android version of the app. This redesign encompasses alterations to the app’s color scheme, affecting its appearance in both light and dark modes. Icons and buttons within the app are also receiving updates, and a redesigned camera icon is being introduced on the primary chat screen.

Reportedly, the company is also testing an optimized version of its iOS app tailored for Apple iPad users. Beta testers who are already using the beta app on their iPhones can now access the beta version of WhatsApp for iPad via the TestFlight app.

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