Beneath the captivating allure presented by social media, a hidden and somber reality lurks within the Hindi music and entertainment industry. Unnoticed amid the glitz and glamour, this reality was brought to light a few years ago when renowned singer Sonu Nigam publicly criticized major music companies. He even ventured to suggest that the music industry might witness instances of self-harm. In a similar vein, actor Abhay Deol shed light on these shadows when he appeared at an award ceremony sporting a conspicuous black eye.

The seemingly bruised eye was not just a mere visual, but rather a symbolic representation of the metaphorical blows dealt by a prominent music label. His discontent stemmed from the non-release of the music for his upcoming film, One By Two, even when the theatrical premiere was just around the corner.

In a subsequent revelation, Deol identified the music company in question as T-Series. Addressing the solution to the issue, he candidly stated, “The remedy is simple: don’t make me sign an agreement that contradicts the law.”

Further elaborating on the matter, he took to Facebook, where he penned a detailed account of the debacle. “The entire music fraternity stands united against record labels, which expect musicians to sign contracts with clauses that infringe upon the law. Producers, like myself, are put in the position of ensuring these signatures. Consequently, if anyone were to face legal consequences for breaking these clauses, it would be the producer.”

Expressing his commitment to the rights of artists, Deol vehemently opposed their exploitation. He shared that he holds their rights in high regard and would dissuade any musician from entering such agreements. This principled stance led to the absence of his album from the market.

During that period, several musicians, including Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, and Vishal-Shekhar, rallied behind Deol in solidarity. The focal point of the issue revolved around the copyright of the film’s music, which was eventually resolved, culminating in its release five days before the scheduled premiere.

The ensuing backlash prompted T-Series to relinquish the music rights of Deol’s film, which he co-produced alongside Viacom 18 Motions Pictures. Subsequently, the music company Unisys distributed digital copies of the film’s music.

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