Continuous allegations have been made by the BJP against Dheeraj Sahu, claiming that cash hoarded in his premises during raids is black money. In response, Dheeraj Sahu stated that the income tax department will determine whether this money is illicit or legitimate.

The cash found during the income tax department’s raid on the residences of Congress MP Dheeraj Sahu has surprised everyone. A sum of ₹351 crore was discovered during the raid, and pictures of the cash went viral on social media. Since then, various political parties have intensified their criticism against the Congress MP. Recently, BJP National President JP Nadda confronted Congress in Parliament over Dheeraj Sahu’s raids. He accused Congress of being submerged in corruption, urging Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to explain the source and ownership of this money.

In response, Congress asserted that it has nothing to do with this cash and challenged the Income Tax Department to clarify whether it is black or white money. Dheeraj Sahu, Congress MP, commented on the allegations of BJP’s cash being black money, stating that he had previously mentioned that this money belongs to his family’s business ventures. He urged people to wait for the income tax department’s perspective.

He admitted that the money found during the income tax department’s operation is linked to a family-owned firm dealing with liquor businesses. He emphasized that the entire amount doesn’t belong to him personally but is associated with his family and other related firms. Dheeraj Sahu assured that he would account for the income tax department’s raid.

It’s worth noting that the income tax department’s search began in Bhubaneswar, where Boudh Distillery Private Limited (BDPL) is headquartered. The cash counting, initiated on December 6, concluded on Sunday. After a five-day counting process, the income tax department declared that in a single operation, any agency in the country has seized the highest amount of ₹351 crore in cash.

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