Tales of Mumbai’s auto rickshaw drivers being renowned for their humility and their propensity to even return small change like Re.1 or Rs.2, a practice that is scarcely heard of in other Indian cities, have gained widespread attention on the internet. However, a recent incident involving an individual from Bengaluru has captured the spotlight. This individual took to the platform ‘X’ to humorously poke fun at Mumbai’s auto rickshaw drivers for their apparent reluctance to accept UPI payments. In contrast, he highlighted that in Bengaluru, drivers readily showcase multiple QR codes to facilitate convenient electronic transactions. Little did he foresee the backlash that would ensue, as users swiftly redirected the criticism towards the high fares and perceived arrogance exhibited by Bengaluru’s own auto rickshaw drivers.

The entire episode was ignited when a user named Sumukh Rao on platform ‘X’ remarked, “It’s quite amusing how Mumbai holds the title of India’s ‘Financial Capital,’ yet 99% of auto rickshaws and taxis do not entertain UPI payments. Interestingly, even certain shops and well-known establishments like Rustom Ice Cream and Kyani solely deal in cash. In comparison, come to Bengaluru, and every auto rickshaw boasts multiple QR codes.” In response to these statements, a surge of criticisms emerged for various reasons.

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