One of the common experiences that children from South Asian backgrounds can easily understand is seeking comfort by cuddling up with their parents whenever they feel scared of sleeping alone. A similar scenario has resulted in an interesting choice of name for a child – ‘India’. Yes, you read that accurately.

A couple, with roots in Bangladesh and Pakistan, has opted to name their son ‘India’ due to a shared habit prevalent among many South Asian kids. Just like numerous children from the region, their son prefers to sleep between his parents. Consequently, they’ve playfully named him ‘India’, positioned symbolically between Pakistan and Bangladesh. Do you catch the cleverness in this? In a humorous post on Facebook, Omar Esa, a well-known nasheed singer, humorously narrated how he and his wife mistakenly allowed their first child, Ibrahim, to sleep in their bed, leading to the child becoming accustomed to it. As a result, they’ve embraced the situation by affectionately referring to him as ‘India’.

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