The occurrence, labeled an insurgent attack by Myanmar state media, occurred as a convoy of trucks supplying goods to the neighboring Southeast Asian nation caught fire. This incident has raised security concerns in China, leading to discussions on border stability between the two nations. Notably, the Chinese military has announced the commencement of “combat training activities” on its side of the border with Myanmar, starting Saturday.

China’s Southern Theatre Command, part of the People’s Liberation Army, revealed on the WeChat messaging app that the training is designed to evaluate the rapid maneuverability, border sealing, and fire strike capabilities of theatre troops. This move follows recent signs of tension in the diplomatic ties between China and Myanmar, prompting a meeting between Chinese envoys and top officials in Myanmar’s capital to address border stability issues.

The incident unfolded in the town of Muse, coinciding with Myanmar’s military facing challenges in maintaining control over various towns and military outposts amid a significant and coordinated offensive. This offensive represents the most substantial challenge to Myanmar’s military rule since the coup in 2021, resulting in the displacement of over 2 million people, according to the United Nations.

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