On a prior Thursday, the investigative agency had summoned Huma Qureshi and Hina Khan on allegations of promoting the app.

Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor has now joined the list of actors who have been called upon by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) concerning the Mahadev money-laundering case.

Shraddha Kapoor is slated to make an appearance before the ED on Friday. In a preceding development on Thursday, the investigative agency had also summoned Huma Qureshi and Hina Khan, accusing them of promoting the app, and comedian Kapil Sharma for attending a celebration related to the Mahadev Book app held in Dubai.

Meanwhile, actor Ranbir Kapoor, who had been summoned by the ED in connection with the same case on Wednesday, has requested a two-week extension from the investigative agency to appear for questioning. The ED has not yet made a decision regarding whether it will grant this two-week extension.

It should be noted, however, that Ranbir Kapoor’s summons is not as a suspect in the case, but rather to gain insights into his knowledge regarding the source of funds he received for endorsing the betting app. This clarification was reported by News 18.

The Bollywood actor has functioned as a social media influencer for the online betting platform and has reportedly received compensation for carrying out promotional campaigns for the app.

According to sources, approximately 100 individuals, including celebrities and influencers, are currently under scrutiny by the ED due to their alleged involvement in the money-laundering case. These notable figures either attended or performed at the company’s head, Sourabh Chandrakar’s wedding, which took place in February earlier this year, as well as the company’s success event in September 2022.

The Mahadev Book app, an online betting platform, is currently undergoing investigation by the ED and various state police departments. This app facilitated illicit betting on various online games such as poker, card games, chance games, badminton, tennis, football, and cricket. The app is reportedly managed by Saurabh and Ravi Uppal, who are based in Dubai where betting is lawful, whereas it remains prohibited in India.

The ED conducted searches in several cities, including Kolkata, Bhopal, and Mumbai, in connection with the alleged money laundering networks associated with the app. According to the case, large-scale hawala operations were purportedly carried out through the platform to divert betting proceeds to offshore accounts.

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