In Dharamshala, the winter capital of Himachal Pradesh, pro-Khalistan graffiti was discovered on the exterior walls of a government office. Local authorities promptly took action by repainting the wall to remove the slogan. An investigation is underway to identify the individuals responsible for defacing public property with this anti-India message.

This incident occurred just three days before the start of the cricket World Cup matches scheduled in Dharamshala. Visuals shared by news agency ANI show the pro-Khalistan slogan concealed beneath a coat of white paint.

A similar incident took place on September 27 when Pro-Khalistan graffiti was found on the walls of Delhi’s Kashmiri Gate flyover. In response, Delhi Police registered a case related to the matter.

It is important to note that while the majority of Sikhs worldwide do not support the pro-Khalistan movement, the activities of Sikh separatist elements have gained momentum in recent times. This surge is particularly noticeable following unsubstantiated allegations made by Ottawa, which claimed India’s involvement in the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a designated terrorist, on Canadian soil.

Nijjar was fatally shot outside a Gurdwara in a parking area in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, on June 18.

Relations between India and Canada deteriorated rapidly after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau publicly linked Nijjar’s killing to Indian intelligence. This triggered a diplomatic dispute, leading to reciprocal expulsions of senior diplomats.

India vehemently denied the allegations, characterizing them as ‘absurd’ and ‘motivated,’ and insisted that Canada provide evidence to support its claims. In response to the escalating tensions, India indefinitely suspended visa services for Canadian nationals and reportedly requested the withdrawal of 41 Canadian diplomats. India has set a deadline of October 10 for Canada to repatriate these diplomats.

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