When sharing a previous Twitter post, a user recounted their experience of purchasing a TV valued at Rs 1 lakh from Flipkart. However, upon unboxing the package, what emerged was a cheaper Thomson TV, rather than the expected Sony television.

In the midst of the ongoing World Cup season, cricket fever has taken hold in India. This cricketing extravaganza is celebrated like a grand festival, prompting people to invest in costly tickets and make their way to the stadium to witness the matches live. Nevertheless, those who find themselves unable to attend the games in person due to various reasons still aspire to enjoy the action on their televisions. With the hope of watching the matches on a high-quality screen, an individual opted to purchase a SONY brand TV, valued at Rs 1 lakh, from Flipkart. However, when the delivery arrived at his doorstep, he was met with a distressing surprise.

A user by the name of Aryan has posted several images of the TV on his Twitter account, making it evident that the packaging bears the Sony TV branding, but the television inside appears to be a Thomson product. In his tweet, he wrote, ‘I ordered a Sony TV from Flipkart on 7th October, and the delivery was made on 10th October, with the Sony installer arriving on 11th October. To our astonishment, when he unboxed the TV, we discovered a Thomson TV inside the Sony box.

In a subsequent tweet, he added, ‘I promptly reported this issue to Flipkart. They requested that I upload a photo of the TV. Despite my compliance, they repeatedly asked me to submit the photo, and I did so as per their request. It has been 2-3 weeks since I requested a return of the TV, yet they have not initiated the process.’

In the comments section, users offered their viewpoints on the matter. At the time of writing this post, it had been viewed by 2.1 million individuals. In response to this revelation, various individuals shared their opinions. One user recommended that the box should have been opened and inspected at the time of delivery. Another user expressed a preference for Amazon over Flipkart, while a third user criticized Flipkart’s performance with respect to electronic products.

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