The Madhya Pradesh 2023 elections are in full swing, with both the Congress and BJP having declared their candidates for all 230 seats. In preparation for the upcoming legislative assembly elections on November 17, Amar Ujala’s election campaign “Satta Ka Sangram” has set out to gauge the mood of voters across the state. Today, our campaign has reached Devas, where Amar Ujala engaged with the voters to understand their issues and concerns.

During the discussion with Amar Ujala, Mahesh Kumar expressed concerns about the employment crisis facing the youth. He acknowledged that the BJP government has implemented numerous schemes that have benefited the people. Ajay pointed out that there is a Congress legislator in Sonkachh at present, but youth employment opportunities are limited. Dilip emphasized that there is an employment crisis, and they are forced to seek employment in Devas.

Rajendra commented on how politicians come during elections, but after winning, they seldom return to address unemployment issues. Raju Rao highlighted the lack of healthcare facilities in the region and mentioned that the BJP has done a good job for the poor. He believed that the BJP government would continue to make a difference, and they would change the regional legislators.

Ramchandra predicted a BJP victory on all five assembly seats in the Devas district. He cited the BJP’s initiatives for women and stated that the BJP has introduced good policies for women. Even the women in their households prefer to vote for the BJP.

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