Shubman Gill’s participation in the upcoming Cricket World Cup clash between India and Pakistan on October 14th is uncertain due to his current health condition. The talented batsman has reportedly been hospitalized in Chennai, which raises doubts about his availability.

Despite India’s strong start in the Cricket World Cup 2023 with a victory over Australia, the team is not operating at full strength. Shubman Gill, the opening batter, had contracted dengue a few days ago, making him unavailable for India’s second match against Afghanistan. Now, it has been revealed that Gill’s health has deteriorated further, leading to his hospitalization in Chennai due to a low platelet count.

According to reports from Cricbuzz, the BCCI medical team is closely monitoring Gill’s condition. However, his current state does not allow for a comeback. The low platelet count prompted the management to admit him to a hospital in Chennai.

A BCCI source explained, “Shubman Gill was receiving treatment via drip at the Chennai team hotel for the last couple of days. However, his platelet count dropped to 70,000, and as is the case with dengue patients, once the count falls below 100,000, hospitalization is recommended as a precautionary measure. He will be discharged once the count goes back above 100,000.”

Gill is currently in Chennai’s multi-care specialty hospital, ‘Kauvery,’ and is being closely monitored by the Indian team’s doctor, Rizwan, to track his progress.

The BCCI issued a statement confirming Gill’s absence from the team’s upcoming fixture, saying, “Team India batter Shubman Gill will not be traveling with the team to Delhi on 9th October 2023. The opening batter who missed the team’s first fixture in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 against Australia in Chennai is set to miss the team’s next fixture against Afghanistan in Delhi on the 11th of October. He will stay back in Chennai and will be under the supervision of the medical team.”

Given the severity of Gill’s condition and the tight schedule, it remains uncertain whether he will be fit in time for the high-profile clash against Pakistan on October 14th. Although there is a possibility of his discharge from the hospital and direct transportation to Ahmedabad for the match, proving his match fitness within such a short timeframe after battling dengue could be a challenging task.

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