Desh Duniya Samachar

The historic touchdown of Chandrayaan-3 has forged a sense of unity across the entire nation. Amidst this jubilant atmosphere, it becomes essential to highlight the noteworthy contributions of 54 female scientists and engineers who played a pivotal role in the mission that propelled us towards the moon yesterday.

Leading the Chandrayaan-3 endeavor with admirable leadership is Ritu Karidhal Srivastava of ISRO. Her credentials extend beyond this mission; she has also been the driving force behind Chandrayaan-2, Mangalayaan, and India’s Mars Orbiter Mission. Her achievements were acknowledged in 2007 when she received the ISRO Young Scientist Award from former Indian President, APJ Abdul Kalam.

In addition to her, Kalpana K, the Associate Project Director for the Chandrayaan-3 mission, stands out as another trailblazing female scientist. Her responsibilities encompassed the design and optimization of lander systems.

It’s a disheartening fact that despite these women scientists reaching the moon, they are often defined by their attire – sarees and bindis. The question arises: Why is it so challenging to appreciate their hard work rather than placing emphasis on their clothing choices? Would the mission’s success have been any different had these women opted for kurtas or jeans?

In a world frequently preoccupied with appearances and external symbols, it is vital to grasp that feminism encompasses much more than traditional attire. We are heartened by the fact that people are calling out this mentality.

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