In response to growing concerns regarding the impact of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict on crude oil prices, Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Hardeep Singh Puri, expressed his apprehensions. He stated that any increase in crude oil prices could significantly and negatively affect global economic recovery efforts.

“It’s quite evident that an escalation in crude oil prices would pose a substantial and adverse challenge to the global economic recovery initiatives. I believe that the global markets will take all aspects into account. As long as the supply chains remain uninterrupted, we can hopefully navigate through these circumstances. However, I would refrain from engaging in speculative discussions on this matter,” Puri commented.

He conveyed his confidence in India’s ability to manage the situation, affirming that the country would address concerns related to crude oil availability and other related factors.

Meanwhile, the conflict between Israel and Hamas has resulted in over 1,200 casualties among Israelis, with more than 2,700 individuals sustaining injuries, according to Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, the spokesperson for the Israel Defense Force (IDF). He highlighted the readiness of Israeli soldiers to carry out a mission in Gaza.

Conricus emphasized the situation, stating, “Four days after Hamas breached into Israel, attacked Israeli communities, murdered and massacred Israeli citizens, and took dozens of Israeli hostages into Gaza. The death toll is staggering, with 1,200 deceased Israelis, the vast majority of whom are civilians, and over 2,700 wounded. Unfortunately, it appears that these numbers are not final.”

Furthermore, Conricus informed about the deployment of approximately 30,000 soldiers at the Gaza border, assuring that Israel was determined to ensure that Hamas would not retain any military capabilities at the conclusion of the conflict.

“We have mobilized our inventory, including armored soldiers, artillery units, and a significant number of reserve troops—300,000 in various brigades and divisions. They are now positioned near the Gaza Strip, preparing to execute the mission mandated by the Israeli government, which is to ensure that, by the end of the war, Hamas no longer possesses military capabilities to threaten or harm Israeli citizens,” the IDF spokesperson explained in a live video statement.

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