Desh Duniya Samachar

The Minister of Coal, Pralhad Joshi, made an announcement on Wednesday regarding an impending financial allocation aimed at enhancing sustainable mining practices in the country, particularly with an emphasis on green coal technology.

During his address at the concluding session of the National Workshop on ‘Global Experience Sharing on Just Transition,’ Joshi highlighted the development and deployment of clean coal technologies. These technologies play a crucial role in mitigating the environmental impact associated with coal utilization.

The Union minister underscored the significance of the scientific closure of abandoned coal mines, stressing the need for responsible and environmentally sound practices.

Additionally, Joshi pointed out that India’s electricity consumption is just one-third of the global average, despite the nation ranking among the top five global producers of solar power. He emphasized that as the coal sector undergoes a just transition, it is essential to address the aspirations and concerns of local communities effectively.

Joshi also highlighted the commitment of state-owned Coal India Ltd and its subsidiaries to the pursuit of clean coal technologies. These public sector coal companies have devised a substantial investment plan of ₹2.5 lakh crore by 2030 for the development of new businesses. This investment is aimed at increasing their capacity and promoting the utilization of green energy sources in their operations, as previously stated by Joshi.

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