A state-of-the-art cable-stayed steel bridge is on the horizon to replace the aging Bellasis Bridge in the bustling island city of Mumbai. This transformation is essential to meet the growing traffic demands of the city. The century-old Bellasis Bridge, which connects Nagpada in the east to Tardeo in the west, is slated for demolition in just four months, marking a new era in connectivity, as reported by The Indian Express. Located between Mumbai Central and Grant Road in the island city, Bellasis Bridge serves as a Railway Overbridge (ROB) spanning over railway tracks.

Key Features of the Upcoming Bridge: The upcoming bridge will feature a cable-stayed design, predominantly constructed from sturdy steel with a concrete foundation. Notably, the carriageways will be significantly wider, greatly improving traffic flow. The clearance above the railway tracks will also be raised to approximately 6.5 meters, a notable improvement from the existing clearance of around five meters.

Bellasis Bridge is unique because a significant portion of it runs above railway tracks, while a substantial section falls under the jurisdiction of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). Consequently, the Western Railway will oversee the demolition and reconstruction of the bridge segment that spans over railway tracks, while the BMC will manage the remainder.

Advantages of the New Bridge: The widened carriageways of the new bridge will significantly reduce traffic congestion, ensuring a smoother commuting experience. Additionally, the implementation of a robust steel structure will enhance durability and safety, addressing concerns related to the deteriorating condition of the existing century-old bridge, which has been affected by corrosion in various areas.

Cost and Timeline: The BMC has allocated a budget of Rs 65 crore for the construction of this bridge, with the Railways expected to contribute Rs 40 crore to the project, according to reports from IE. Once the work order is issued, construction is estimated to take approximately 24 months to complete.

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